Washworld Te Rapa is the first carwash facility in NZ with the easy, fast and convenient WashKey cashless payment system.

WashKeys are a tough plastic key with a built in microchip which stores information about the key user and the value of credit they have preloaded onto their WashKey. 

Individual My WashKeys, are available in $50 or $100 units and make ideal gifts, rewards or staff incentives. 

Business Fleet WashKeys are for prepaid fleet accounts that enable multiple Keys for multiple users. Fleet WashKeys allow staff to use Self Serve washbays, vacuums, the Touchfree Laserwash and ProTouch Tandem automatic machines by debiting a prepaid fleet account each time a WashKey is used. A record is kept of the user, date, time,equipment used and cost which appears on a monthly usage report which enables monitoring of exact vehicle cleaning costs. Tax invoices are available to make accounting for business expenses and gst easy. 

Green WashKeys are available for individuals (My WashKey prepaid) or Blue WashKeys (Fleet WashKey prepaid) offer a simple way for employees to maintain their vehicles’ presentation. 

When the credit on your WashKey is running low a simple “top up” can be added by seeing our friendly onsite attendant when visiting Washworld. Payment by Eftpos is available for new WashKeys or credit top ups. For Fleet WashKey accounts email and internet banking are a popular, quick and easy payment option.

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