Our Washbays have 10 functions to wash your car, truck, or anything else that needs a good clean

An average basic wash using soap, foam and brush, and rinse functions may cost $6-$8 or a little more for very dirty or larger vehicles such as 4x4's. 

For best results continue with Triple Shine, wax and spot-free rinse for approx $4 extra. These costs are a guide only actual costs are dependent on the amount of time you take.

Option 1: Tyre and Engine Cleaner (Low Pressure) 

Tyre and Engine Cleaner is a strong chemical degreaser which breaks down grease, oil and dust on your engine and loosens road grime and brake dust on your mag wheels and tyres. Apply Engine and Tyre Cleaner, allow to soak, then rinse off with High Pressure Soap or Rinse options. 

Option2: Bug Remover (Low Pressure) 

Bug remover is a low Ph chemical that effectively softens and breaks down "bug splatter", bird droppings pollen and other hard to clean deposits often found on the front, grill, windscreen and wing mirrors of cars.  

Option 3: Pre Soak (Medium Pressure) 

Pre-Soak is a concentrated soap mix you cover your vehicle in to soften road grime and dirt, before using the Foaming Brush. 

Option 4: Soap (High Pressure) 

High Pressure Hot Soap (more water, with less soap) is for general dirt, dust, mud and lime splashes. Squeeze the trigger on the water blaster Gun to get High Pressure. 

Option 5: Foaming Brush 

The Foaming Brush is a purpose designed brush with a long reach handle which makes cleaning rooftops, vans and larger vehicles easy. Always rinse the Foaming Brush before using and ensure the foam is flowing when washing your vehicle, to prevent scratching the paintwork. 

Option 6: Rinse (High Pressure) 

Rinse off the vehicle with high pressure water, work from the top of the car down. 

Option 7: Triple Shine 

Spray all painted surfaces with Tripleshine to add shine and help protect clear coat finishes from UV rays. Rinse with high pressure rinse or wax options. 

Option 8: Wax (High Pressure) 

Spray all paint surfaces with the Hot Turtle Wax using high pressure (squeeze the trigger). Then finish with Spot Free Rinse. 

Option 9: Spot Free Rinse( Low Pressure) 

Spraying the entire vehicle with Spot Free Rinse purified and filtered water gives a finish free of "water spots". This is especially good for new or dark coloured vehicles and glass. 

Option 10: Stop 

The Stop function stops all services but does not stop the clock. 

AirBlade dryer - Bay 2 Only 

The AirBlade dryer quickly and completely strips water from all surfaces - panels, windows, grills, wheels and trim. Great for motorcycles and removing water from mats or carpets.

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