About Us


Washworld Te Rapa opened in Hamilton at the beginning of 1996, joining four other Auckland Washworld locations. Washworld were the pioneers of self service car washing in New Zealand, opening the first car wash at St Lukes, Auckland in 1984. 

Washworld Te Rapa changed hands in September 1999 and is still owned and operated by the same local business operators, Jeff and Kelly Olsen. 

In 2005 Washworld Te Rapa underwent a $500,000 upgrade with the addition of a new building housing two self serve dog wash tubs and the conversion of one of the self serve washbays to a Touchfree Automatic carwash machine. This also included the installation of the first car wash pay station in New Zealand able to process credit card payments. 

Two further New Zealand “firsts” were added in 2010 in the form of a new “Air Blade” self serve dryer designed to strip water from vehicle surfaces including motorbikes and dry floor mats. The second addition was a cashless payment system called WashKey using a microchip embedded in a plastic key preloaded with credit that activates wash equipment by simply being turned on. 

2011 saw another NZ first with the addition of Pet fragrance machines added to our dog washes which have proven very popular. 

2015 has seen the addition of just the second ProTouch Tandem brush Automatic car wash in New Zealand and the first to include "Overglow" Carnauba wax. The closed cell foam and light touch brush action offers a safe, gentle non scratch clean. The Ultimate wash package also includes a tri colour polish and buff cycle, final Spot Free rinse and "Flashdry" which results in an unmatched clean, shiny and dry car. 

Did you know we use over 200 litres of dog shampoo, more than 1200 litres of car wash detergent and 7 million litres of water per year. We collect around 30 tonnes of solid waste made up of dirt, oil, grease and toxic metals and chemicals from such things as brake dust, exhaust gases and detergents.


Washworld Te Rapa is an environmentally friendly way to wash your car as we must meet strict Hamilton City Council Wastewater capture, treatment and monitoring practices to ensure runoff does not enter storm water drains and on to the Waikato River. 

We also carefully select the chemicals and cleaners we use to meet a range of criteria including affect on the environment, cleaning performance, recyclability of containers and cost. 

Additionally international car washing studies have shown use of high pressure water blaster guns (which use approx 8 litres of water per minute) is a more efficient use of water than running a normal garden hose (using approx 18 litres per minute) as done in thousands of driveways each weekend.


Washworld Te Rapa supports a number of community groups and organisations including Huntly Placemakers Speedway, Greyhounds as Pets dog adoption and Waikato Canine Obedience Club. The Washworld Washbucks fundraising programme offers fundraising opportunities to not for profit, community or sporting groups.